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Using your New Stair Runner as part of your Home Staging Strategy

Home staging has become the accepted strategy for selling a home. A planned staging strategy should impress the potential buyer with design that showcases the homes best assets, impressing buyers with a view to a quicker and a higher value sale . Staging is relatively low cost, requires a small time investment and creates a lucrative return. The credo of staging is the accepted fact that people do not simply buy a structure in which to live but a way to improve their lifestyle and fulfill their dreams in a new home. In summary Staging should create a positive emotional response in a buyer and lead to a profitable sale.

The first and arguably most important areas to focus on are the exterior, entrance hall and stairs which greet the potential buyer and fix the all-important first impression. Many of our clients are full or art time developers and are using our stair runners to enhance that vital first impression. So here are the keys to staging your hall stairs and landing:

Depersonalize. Use light colors, preferably with a hint of grey as this will create a designer feel. Keep family photos to a minimum. Repair any cracks before painting. Cracks scare buyers and at best divert their attention. Why not try painting your stairs white as a great backdrop and showcase for your new stair runner. Itís quick, inexpensive and easy as you only need paint the sides!

Declutter. Remove any unnecessary items which may complicate your design message. Particularly avoid any toys, knick knacks or souvenirs. Remember the old design adage. If itís not useful or beautiful remove it!

Dust and freshen. Remove any dust scuff marks animal beds or possible odour traps. The goal is to make everything look new. If your stair runner has a dark linen border you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth for that just fitted finish !

Floorcovering. Wooden floors are a great choice for the hall . They appeal to almost everyone, are easy to maintain and create a quality feel . Match your wooden flooring with one of our natural stair runners to create a holistic natural approach. (See our design guide for more ideas of colour choices)

Define Rooms

Ensure the room has a defined purpose. Also make sure that every space within every room has a purpose. Generally speaking the hall stairs and landing should be thought of as an area of beauty and warm welcome, however there may be other sub purposes such as a bookcase storage or umbrella stand . Ensure that the message is clear in other words donít drape coats on the umbrella holder, or leave kids shoes on your staircase!


make the most of your homeís natural light. Curtains and blinds should be open when showing your home. Ensure all lighting is clean and free from the bugs. In the case of night viewings various lights highlighting different areas of the room will look good. Better to have several small pools of light than one blinding central one.


Don't use oversized furniture as this will make your room look small. Try to use furniture which gives the impression of quality and ensure that if there is more than one piece they match. If your using stair rods with your new stair runner try to make sure the stair rods match your door furnishing and light switches for example.

Finishing Touches

Just before any home viewing, finish your staging efforts with a few last-minute touches that will make the home seem warm and inviting. Air the house with fresh air. Try fresh flowers or plants. Ensure all curtains are pulled evenly, cushions are plumped and throws folded.

Good luck!

Image source: Cottage and Vine Blog

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