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Stair Runner Materials

Jute, Coir, Sisal, Wool / Hemp?

Going stair runner shopping? Why not go for the natural look. Here at Natural Stair Runners Online, we offer several different natural materials:

Natural flooring is elegant, original, and environmentally friendly. Add to that, it is the king of noise reduction, often used in sound studios. It's not surprising that designers often chose natural materials. But which one to choose for your stair runner?

1. Jute
Jute material is part textile and part wood. It comes from a long, soft, shiny fiber that is spun into tough threads.

2. Coir
Coir fibers are obtained from coconuts. These stiff fibers are known for being water proof.

3. Sisal
Sisal is a durable fiber. Sisal Carpets come from treated higher-grade sisal fibers.

4. Wool / Hemp
Our very own innovation. The hemp makes the rug resilient while the wool provides a luxurious underfoot comfort.

Bouclé vs. Panama?
Bouclé stair runners are runners that appear as rows of moderately loose loops.
Panama stair runners are more tightly spun.

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