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Why go for natural, eco friendly stair runner and flooring?

No contamination in your home

natural and eco friendly stair runner-no contamination

Traditional carpet contains Voc's. It is sandwiched in the glue that sticks the backing to the tufted layer. You might recognise the new smell of carpet as something pleasant. The smell is Voc.

Voc's are in a lot of furniture and carpet. You may not be able to totally eliminate them but you can minimise them. This protects you and your family.

Possible harmful effects include asthma, sore eyes, tiredness and on a more serious level cancer.

Our eco friendly flooring contains no Voc or chemicals. Make the right choice for you and your family keep it safe!

House dust mite

mite on your synthetic stair carpet runner

House dust mite love to nest in carpet. These invisible criters leave droppings which are the source of various allergens. Some of the potential reactions include asthma, eczema and rhinitis. House dust mite plain dislike natural, eco friendly stair runner and flooring which is all for the best, particularly if anyone has asthma in your family.

So it won't be asthma that takes your breath away if you choose a natural, eco friendly stair runner. Just the designer finish!

They lift your mood.

stair carpet runner natural and eco friendly

Recent studies report that casting your eyes on nature, whether it is a wooden table, a house plant or a natural stair runner releases a well being enzyme in the brain that feels food. Our eco friendly naturally dyed flooring will feel right in your home.

Social responsibility

eco friendly stair runner

It's a matter of public knowledge that our planet is being adversely affected by the way we are treating it. There is excess pollution. Many of the changes have a meaningful knock on effect on our lives. Fisherman suffer at the hands of depleted stocks, we have to buy farmed fish, that fish contains anti biotic, our health is damaged!

We can choose to make a small difference in our purchases to help our self, our family and others in the future.

Natural flooring is eco friendly meaning it grows back quickly and is therefore doesn't upset the delicate balance of nature.

In the case of coir for instance, which is so hardwearing it blocks water ways, its removal positively helps the flow of nature. We also win as we have a flooring that will survive hard wear and will not be damaged by water.
That's the kind of match we want to look for when we make our buying decision.


Eco friendly flooring looks good, ours is non slip because it's grain across, feels good and keeps you safe. It makes a statement about who you are.

natural and eco friendly stair runner-coir

If you want a natural, eco friendly stair runner for your family and loved ones, just go to our natural stair runners page.

We look forward to being of service!

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