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Design Ideas and Guides

Here we provide you with some inspiration on how to decorate your home around our carpets. Even an old house can get a makeover with just the addition of a stair runner and some key pieces! You may also peruse our other resources and tutorials here.

  1. Decorate around our Gold Sisal Carpet with Striped Border - Black, white, and shades of brown lend an instant elegance to your space. Browse through our decor suggestions to achieve this motif.
  2. Decorate around our Fall-Striped Runner - Here are tips on bringing out the best of our very own fall-striped jute stair carpeting through the use of furniture and other accents.
  3. Choosing the Right Carpet Border - Create a harmonious design by deciding on the right combination of runner, border, staircase, furniture, and accents.
  4. Resources and Tutorials on Stair Runners - a list of tutorials such as DIY installation tips and cleaning instructions. Also contains information on our materials and products.

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