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A Design Guide: Fall-Striped Stairrunner

Decorate around the Colors of Fall

In today's busy world, we are all looking for time efficiency in every area of your life. Home design is no exception! To this end, we have employed an eperienced designer to create a pallette of accessories that will look fabulous with our stairrunners. This can be a guideline or if you prefer, all suppliers are named below for you to order or mail order online.

In short, you can ensure that your stairrunner and your surrounding hall stairs and landing will look designer standard, elegant and planned. We will showcase one stairrunner per week and this week's stairrunner is the beautiful fall-striped stairrunner with beige border and chrome stair rods, available from our store.

Designer Mood Board and Motif for Fall Jute Carpet


The earthtones stairrunner features a bold russet tone which we will use as the accent colour in this design . The background colour will be shades of white and the assisting colour will be natural beige and taupe.


We have used a pure brilliant white silk for the stairs to highlight the stairs and a softer ivory shade for the walls.


There is a natural driftwood table to be placed strategically in the hall.


Assuming there is a window in the hall stairs and landing, we recommend taupe beige curtains, which are harmonious with both the white of the walls and the tone of the stairrunner.


Upon the window shelf, we recommend the orange lamp to draw attention to the window and the light by using the accent colour. This might just as easily be an orange plate or vase you may have already. Or a clear container of orange potpourri.

Upon the hall table, we recommend a set of three orange candles to again create a small accent and a steel and beige lamp which will compliment the stairrods.


If you can ensure that the family photos are either framed in orange or the subject is dressed in orange, that would look fabulous in a natural beige frame. Alternatively, we have identified one picture which we think lines up nicely with the design.

Have fun designing and don't forget to send us a pic!

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