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A Design Guide: Coir Panama Natural Stair Carpeting

Decorate around Rustic Elements

This design guide features the coir panama natural stair runner, which is accentuated by a beige border. Coir has a stunning and unique natural texture which enhances any look.

Design Mood Board for Coir Panama Natural Carpeting

This design is an homage to nature.

Stairs are painted white to create a clean canvass for the natural stair runner. The farrow and ball paint is in a light designer green to add the first layer of colour.

The driftwood coat stand adds another dimension of texture.

Curtains, bowl, and cushions add an orderly feel to this rustic interior.

For just 99 pounds, this stair runner is a must have to add style to our hall stairs and landing! Click here to purchase our coir natural stair runner


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coat and hat stand -
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stairs painted white-
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