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Choosing the Right Combination of Carpet Border, Material, and Stair / Wall Color

A Design Guide for our Runners

So you have decided to choose a stair runner for your 2013 remodeling? Great decision; but, the question is: Which design should you choose? We hope our guide below will help.

Step 1. Pick a decorating style.

We all know that to create an effective design which looks unified, you need to make a plan. So the first decision is which decorating motif you are looking to cultivate. Will it be modern, monochrome, traditional, European or maybe Scandinavian? You might decide to design as an independant room, or a continuation of a theme in the house or maybe in line with the age of your house. Whatever it is, having a plan is the first key to success.

Step 2. What's staying and whats going?

It may be for budgetary or sentimental reasons, but if something is staying; for example, lighting or a phone stand, you need to account for that in your overall plan, which brings us to step three.

Step 3. Make a design booklet.

This stage is as simple as buying a cheap notebook or large piece of paper and sticking in the pics of the choices you are making. This may include paint, accent paint, existing furniture, lighting, curtains and of course, accessories. This step allows you to get a bird's eye view of the whole project.

Now you're ready to start! Here are some design ideas for inspiration:

Design One
Design one is a sisal stair runner with beige linen border. This has been used in a natural material combination with dark wood set aginst white walls. Even the plants continue the theme of natural and white and plant pots are clear glass for a non-complex design. Extremely elegant design. The same effect could have been achieved with a white painted staircase and sisal runner with brown border.


Design Two
Design two is black sisal with pink border. This is a great example of the elegant use of grey and neutral shades with a pink accent colour used in the wallpaper and lamp shade. the eye is drawn to the samll accents making an intriguing design. This is a special colour combination but why not try the same idea with our rust border for a more muted design?


Design Three
Design three is a wool hemp with no border on a predominantly neutral and wood decorating theme. The chair is a great use of a gold accent colour and this design could have been further enhanced with the use of polished brass stair rods. Further options would have been the use of silver as an accent colour coupled with brushed steel stair rods.


We hope these design ideas help make your project an elegant masterpiece of design. Good luck!

Image source: Material Girls Blog: Stair Runners 101

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