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Natural Stair Runners Online Articles and Resources

Here you can find all the carpet-related resources you may need - from tutorials and tips to tidbits about our stair runners and materials. Would you like some design inspiration and colour motif ideas for your home? Browse through our design guides here and get your creative juices flowing!

  1. Why use stair runners? - A list of compelling reasons why you should buy a stairrunner for your home.
  2. How to install stair runners - A DIY tutorial on how to install stair runners. You may also opt to avail of our fitting services instead.
  3. Natural materials we use - a primer on the materials we use for our carpeting.
  4. How to clean your carpet / runner - tips on maintaining and cleaning our carpet runners
  5. Stair Runners for your Home Staging Strategy - Leverage your home staging with a fresh set of stair rugs.
  6. Design Inspirations for your Home and Staircase - a list of guides revolving around our products.

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